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Story of

fearless babe



This is all about the mix of various sports disciplines transformed into athleisure to–wear–anywhere; sophisticated merged with sports attitude; function combined with comfort; the journey of active and elegant; a celebration of the distinct and fearless;


(the inspiration)

The story of Babe Didrikson Zaharias (1911–1956) is a tale of inspiration, courage and ground–breaking achievements for women in sports.



Aesthetic functionalism

| material–ity |


This is all about high–performance stretch fabrics that are as luxurious as they are technical. Intelligent fabrics with durability; modern technology high–tech fabrics are easy–care and no–pilling, breathable with body moisture system, anti–crease, quick–drying, with a SPF UV protection and eco–friendly.


Performance meets  elegance

philosophy |


Our philosophy is built into every piece we make; high–performance and quality fabrics, classic design and innovative approach.


Athleisure to wear anywhere

| the magic |


For us, magic is in mixing, as we blend athletic with leisure.


Tough + fragile

| nature |


Sophisticated and feminine.


Lifestyle sports elegance

| reflection | 


We merge functionality with aesthetics to make our lifestyle.


Sophisticated sporty

identity |


Sporty, modern, yet timeless; quality that lasts.



Babe attitude

| concept |



The mix of various sports disciplines transformed into athleisure to–wear–anywhere.


Elegant sportive spirit

| personality |


Where femininity, sport, innovation and daily life intersect.


Stuff of life


| durability |


We blend technical performance with relaxed–feeling–mood, timeless, traditional, pure and natural.