Our story

LULU TSINTSADZE was born out of personal necessity. Driven by an inner passion, enthusiastic Yogini and Fashion Designer Lulu Tsintsadze was unable to find elegant, high–performance wear that could transition seamlessly between the different phases of the day. She fused the best principles of athletic design with smartness and elegance, and applied them to pieces to wear anywhere. This is an unparalleled evolution in fashion and lifestyle. 



LULU TSINTSADZE is our baby. It was born in 2015 out of the shared creative vision and innovative approach of Georgian–born creative entrepreneur Lulu Tsintsadze, Dutch brand development freak Anne Prins and Dutch serial techie entrepreneur Heidi Vogel. 


Athleisure is the new casual

It's about a sport and casual blend. Designed for athletic activities as well as casual and social occasions. The purpose is simple: to wear anywhere