Our team

the best and brightest.




A full–fledged, all–the-way, no turning back Fashion Entrepreneur.

Lulu, the label's Creative Director and an award winning fashion designer, co-founded the company in 2015. Born and raised in Tbilisi, Georgia, always seeking to understand a bigger picture, she moved to the Netherlands to pursue studies. Lulu studied Fine Arts and Design at the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts (BA Hons) before continuing her education in Fashion Design and Communication at the University of the Arts Utrecht (BA Hons). She believes that desire is a powerful motivator. Lulu derives a great deal of joy from seeing her work out in the world.



The most promising Fashion Manager.

Anne believes that passion is essential to creativity. Originally Dutch, she joined the team and shared the vision from the very beginning, while she was still a student. Before continuing her education in Fashion and Management at Amsterdam Fashion Institute (BA), she studied Fashion Design at University of the Arts Utrecht (where she met Lulu in 2010). Anne is specialized in Brand Development and 3D Design. She understands that fashion is dynamic and not just about clothes. She brings a keen eye for details and structure to the office.




Co–founder, General Director.

Heidi is a mother of four and a serial entrepreneur with a background in Computer Science. After many successful years in software she co–founded the company with Lulu. Originally Dutch, her life is split between Los Gatos, California and Utrecht, the Netherlands. Heidi sees that the future lies in innovation and believes that it unlocks new values.